Lorenzo Sala

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I’ve always been looking for a way to express myself since I was teenager. Living in Italy made it easy to live close to many forms of art, wherever you go you have paintings, architectures, sculptures and italian design and after a while it just comes natural to try to find your own way to have the others hear your voice. I didn’t approch photography before the digital cameras came out, it would have costed me too much to learn from my mistakes and I do make a lot, it’s the best way to know yourself and your limits and grown your own style. I started as assistant of fashion photographers in Milan, then I made some model portfolios for model agencies but soon I found out that I loved shooting at normal people, not models. I asked friends, collegues, shopkeepers, anyone that I didn’t feel ashame asking to pose for me nude. The results are these photos you can see in my portfolio, high and low key photos, that distract the viewer, images that make you forget for a second and for some reason that you are looking at a naked person. Human bodies are beauty in different ways all of them, it’s just a metter to find the right light for each of them.


2009 – Glam shootings for models portfolios – Milan
2009 – Assistant in studio for advertising shootings – Milan
2010 – Fine art nudes production with paintings on canvas
2011 – Fine art nudes production

Lorenzo Sala