Sheila Rock

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Sheila‘s Tibetan portraits paralleled her work with her horse portraits. She was drawn both to their visual grace and beauty and the myth and symbolism that are associated with the Horse. “They are beautiful creatures that inspire mythology. I‘ve thought in romantic terms – like the old English master painters – and reflected on childhood dreams and memories. I‘ve been inspired by their physicality and their seductive forms. “Her approach was often to create a studio setting and isolate the Horses to make them appear more like icons or symbols.

During her studies at Boston University, Sheila Rock imagined she would become a documentary filmmaker focusing on »Qumanitarian, socially conscious issues.« Instead, at first, she was drawn to still photography and extroverted entertainment personalities. Her portraits of well known singers and musicians such as Placido Domingo, Sting, Youssou N‘Dour, Sir Simon Rattle und Enya were published by magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour, and The Sunday Times of London. Several of her images are part of the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Her recent work indicates her move back to humanitarian and socially conscious issues. In the process she discovered something else: »Perhaps, at the end of the day, I am a portrait photographer«, she has said. “I do try to connect with the person I photograph. Even in a commercial job, I try to get some kind of emotion and spirit from whoever I’m photographing. We are all spiritual beings.”