Shin Noguchi

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I was born in 1976 in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. I’m a freelance graphic designer/street photographer based in Kamakura/Tokyo, Japan.

Capturing the moments of the extraordinary among the ordinary. Capturing every moment full of excitement, beauty and humanism. Such moments are to be shared with those who were not with me.

Also, I believe in making my photographs “transparent”, not “opaque”. They shouldn’t be just superficial and descriptive. They should be fun, surreal and art, of course, but humanity must be present as well. If sadness exists, it has to be visible seeping through from within.

My photographs are not “works”. The protagonists in my photographs are the subjects, not the photographer. They are the ordinary, people living among the ordinary. However small they may be, I aim my finder straight at their smiles, sadness, pleas and screams that have been kept under the skins, hoping to cast a light to them and build a bridge between societies and individuals.

“Extraordinary moment is existing in your daily life.”