Annette Habel

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My interventions are rooted in a sense of curiosity – a desire to see. I use the camera to record the normally invisible: moments too fast for the human eye to register, inner processes, states of being; but photographs, of course, never fully deliver on their promise of truth.

I would argue that our fascination with things elusive is caused by the tickle of simultaneous failure and reassurance, the tension between knowing and not knowing.

My work owes much to the camera’s peculiar relationship with time. It is one of Photography’s paradoxes that inanimate objects remain sharp while the living tend to blur and disappear; comparable perhaps to the quantum particles whose location and speed, according to Heisenberg, cannot be determined at once.

A recurring theme in my work is the experience of the individual (‘the particular’) within the framework of collective experience, or myth (‘the general’).

Annette Habel lives in London, United Kingdom.