Richard Brocken

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“They knew everything about us though we couldn’t fathom them at all. We knew finally that the girls were really woman in disguise.”

- Jeffrey Eugenides

Photographer Richard Brocken’s meditative images of daughter Eva capture the quiet introspection behind our personal evolution.

Represented by:

Hollandse Hoogte, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
ArteFacto, Ghent, Belgium
Echo Images, London, UK
Gallery Stock, New York, USA
BylinePhoto, Milano, Italy

Award winning photographer, portraits, World Photography Awards 2010
Nominated TNT World Press Photo 2011, portraits


Cannes, France, april 2010

London, United Kingdom, june 2010
San Francisco, USA, november 2010
Sao Paulo, Brasil, february 2011
Shanghai, China, april 2011
Paris, France, sept 2011
Expo, Ghent, Belgium, oct/nov 2011
Art Basel, Miami, USA, december 2th 2011
Kulturama, Leuven, Belgium, feb 16/19 2012
New York, USA, October 2012