Angela Loveday

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I was born in Italy on May, the 14th, 1984. My mother is italian and my father’s nigerian.
I think I was one of the first mulatto babies in Italy; maybe this fact could be the reason of the prejudice, the intolerance, and the loneliness that characterized my childhood.
My father was a reporter, but he gived up because he’s colour blind.
Since I was a child I perceived photography as a “problem”. It was the reason why my parents got divorced, the reason why there never was enough money at home. I used to hate photography, and as I was listening to my parent’s verbal fights,
I promised to myself that I’d never being into photography.

I had my first “forced” contact with photography when I was 14, when I began my high school courses.
I discover my real talent during the University years, because I was far from home, that meas far from my parents’
opinions and bad influence. In those years I found the force to let myself go, and, in that real moment,
I understood that my life would be completely changed.
Now, years later, after a brilliant accademic career, and art prizes winning, I really know who I am.