Patrick Gonzales *

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Passion for art and painting at the age of fifteen, Patrick Gonzales tries, at first, to replicate the work of the great masters of painting he admires so much. Quickly, the
technology in hand, he seeks his own path and way of expressing his vision, his views, his feelings. Along with painting, which he covers a wide field technique, practice regular photography. Over time, it is an impressive stock of cliches diverse and varied, then it will use in his compositions. In 1998, he discovered the digital tool. A new departure for the artist, both technically and thematically, that will make him to express his vision and creativity …
Blacks and whites are very beautiful, especially because of a report “silver” and beautiful deep blacks.
The universe of the artist explores three major themes: childhood, art and fantasy. The field of dreams is a constant in his work, it is this which gives it a surreal style to say the least.
Patrick Gonzales created his own dream vision, reflecting a fleeting thought, a memory. Tribute to the great painters, reminiscent of a personal journey with art and childhood memories are all elements which contribute to a mysterious image and unique, that one might sometimes subliminally.
Patrick Gonzales lives and works in Dijon, France.