Corvo Brothers

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Marco Corvo (b. 1966, Milan, Italy) is fascinated by trickery and sleight of hand. It makes sense that he won such acclaim in Italian advertising. Gonzago Corvo (b. 1968, Casper, Wyoming) is magnetized by dreamed images and the miraculous. It’s no wonder he founded an award-winning film production company in Denver. So, despite coming from different continents and speaking different languages, the pair are sides of the same coin. And in the case of The Corvo Brothers, it’s a two-headed coin.
Since coming together in 2004, they have used and misused the manipulative technologies of mass media to chart the realm of the uncanny. Their digitally sculpted composite photographs conjure unexpectedly painterly visions suffused with dread, myth and metamorphosis. Meticulous staging and traditional composition contend with ambiguous stories and darkly comic symbols—worlds apart yet uncomfortably familiar.
They have exhibited widely in the US and Europe and reside in Denver.