Leilani Claire

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prefer to describe myself as an artist rather than a photographer. My camera is only one tool I use to help me create my special images. My photographs are a reflection of places I’ve been and events I’ve experienced along my outer journey in the physical realm as well as my travels along my inner journey. They are true stories about Wonder and Spirit. It didn’t matter if I was weaving, constructing mixed media boxes or shooting photographs. When I am in tune with my Inner Spirit, the work flows through me, almost in spite of myself, with no great intellectual struggle. I become a channel. The designs and images just emanate from a place of intuition and Grace, guiding my hands and my heart. I feel guided from one Gateway to another and from one challenge to another, both as an artist and a woman.Leilani Claire, 1942- 2005, resident artist & owner of Art & Soul, 1997-2004