Randy Dana

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I photograph flowers and fruit incorporating a variety of objects as content and backgrounds. It is my goal as artist and photographer to encourage a closer examination of ordinary things by presenting them in unusual context.
The unexpected compositions, the soft natural lighting, the rich colors and textures combine to give a gently surreal, painterly quality to the work.
My capture tool is the large format view camera. This is the big one with the bellows (like an accordion). This bellows allows adjustments which give the photographer the ability to manipulate perspective and shift the field of focus. The large 4”x5” negative captures remarkable detail.
Many images are multi-leveled compositions arranged on and under a horizontal glass sheet that I have set up like a table. It is supported by glass jars so light will pass freely below. I use picture framing glass because it is relatively thin and will be both reflective and transparent. My background material is upright so the glass extends away from it towards the viewer. I arrange my subjects then on the glass and below the glass. With the view camera I shift perspective; the reflective glass surface appears to fall away before us. We look through the reflections at a reality below the surface. Color, form and texture blend in the camera. The image takes on a subtle, slightly surreal complexity.
In the successful image the viewer is treated to a unique visual experience, a new look at things, unaware of any technical monkey business.
Copper has become a favorite background material. Early on I found a copper ash bin with wonderful patina, scratched, rusted and welded. I have since taken natural process into my own hands. I now work with several large pieces of copper sheet. I burn it with a small torch. I scratch with various tools and materials. Stains appear. The goal is to create a background with color, texture, depth and energy.