Gilles Larrain

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Gilles Larrain was born in Dalat, Indochina, in 1938 to a Chilean father, who was a diplomat and painter, and a French-Vietnamese mother, who was a pianist and painter. His father was Hernan Larrain, at that time consul of Chile in Indochina, and Charlotte Mayer-Blanchy, granddaughter of Saigon’s first mayor Paul Blanchy. He was also the nephew of cardinal of Talca (Chile) Rafael Larrain. He was educated at New York University and at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris where he studied architecture and worked in city planning.

Since 1969, Larrain has devoted his energies to photography and has concentrated specifically on portraiture. In 1973 he published the highly successful photographic book Idols, which presented portraits of transvestites. Larrain sees portraiture as a way to “capture the landscape of the soul of a person”. His subjects have ranged from dancers to musicians, artists, celebrities and friends.

In 1983, he planned to visit Spain for a couple of weeks and ended up staying more than two months. Captivated by the flamenco aesthetic, Gilles became a great follower of this art. His camera has captured the soul of flamenco in one of those rare artistic conjunctions where technical wisdom and experience become melded with the most difficult to express emotions.
Trina Bardusco, New York City, 2001

Flamenco: Landscape of its Soul…