Natasja Marie Fourie

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At 24, South African photographer Natasja Maria Fourie is already an extremely accomplished photographer. Exhibitions with Ryan McGinley, work in publications like Dazed, Vice and Nylon, and most recently a prize for the best international photography entry from Ten Best Ten are just a few accolades she’s racked up so far. The love is deserved, and her aesthetic and outlook are unique. But perhaps most impressive, and most common in her catalog are images of women. Often, her most powerful images are raw, less stylized portraiture, focusing in on the naked body, and the concept of nudity on a visual, psychological and even philosophical level. The female body is always a beautiful thing, but Natasja’s work is just exceptionally dope.

Natasja on her work:

“I have an obsession with the naked portrait. The naked human body raises intense psychological issues. My personal photographic work deals with all those complex feelings when one is stripped naked, the feelings of shame, amusement or indifference. Everything comes back to the body and human sexuality”