Jesse Marlow (цвет)

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From Melbourne, Australia, Jesse Marlow’s work appears regularly in many leading magazines and newspapers and is held in the archives of the Victorian State Library, as well as a number of Australian corporate collections. He is a member of the Australian documentary photography agency OCULI.

“Street photography is my main passion. The solitary experience of walking the streets seeking out ‘that’ moment – a rare emotion, a chance sight. And yet, it is often the most everyday things that I keep coming back to, such as people meeting on a summer’s day; a kiss; journeys made on the train.”

In 2003, Marlow published his first book, CENTRE BOUNCE: Football from Australia’s heart, which documents Australian Rules football as it is played on the remote settlements of indigenous communities othroughout the Northern Territory.

In late 2005, Marlow self-published his recent street series, WOUNDED, as a book. The book was designed by award-winning London design firm Purpose, and won the Book Design category of the 2005 McNaughton Review. WOUNDED has also been featured in the 2005 Creative Review Annual, and in the photography section of the 2006 D&AD Annual.

In late 2006, Marlow was selected to participate in the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass in Amsterdam.