Gus Powell

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“In the absence of a restful European siesta, New Yorkers take the lunch hour by storm. We get our shoes shined while our hair is being cut, run three errands while eating a sandwich, smoke four cigarettes while we dance past tourists. We jaywalk. We move on.

“Yet amidst all this independent action, there exists an unspoken fraternity. Like members of a secret society, teeming pedestrians march in a parade of broken cadence to countless tunes, in all directions, for every reason. Street corners are standing-room-only meeting halls, where shoulders rub shoulders in impromptu one-act plays.

“I try to be ready for those moments that have a subtle comedy or tragedy to them; moments when strangers come together for a split second and are rendered inseparable through a photograph.”

Born 1974 in New York City, Gus lives and works in Brooklyn, where he does commercial and editorial photography. His personal work can be seen at the Ariel Meyerowitz Gallery, and he is currently working on a collection of photographs entitled “Lost & Found.”