David Solomons

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I was brought up in London and became fascinated in photography after visiting Magnum’s ‘In Our Time’ exhibition. As my interest grew I started to take it more seriously and ended up studying Documentary Photography at Newport.

I learned more about street photography there and turned my attention to colour when we were given a project assignment. London had always been my home and its familiarity to me meant it was the ideal location to practice and experiment. I probably couldn’t have chosen a more difficult approach to my first project, on the London Underground. Nothing could have prepared me for shooting with a flash in such a confined space but I learned a great deal from the experience and I managed to make some of my first good street shots.

London is a wonderful place to photograph, which contains many aspects to its character that is constantly changing. I prefer shooting a project rather than taking a random approach, though on the occasion where I do get to travel, it’s nice to just be able to react to what I see around me and not feel pressured into completing a coherent set of images.

Every time I go out to shoot is an adventure for me as I never know what I’ll encounter or what pictures I manage to get. Some situations present themselves as immediately obvious and you keep shooting until the situation’s gone. The best pictures for me though are the ones which present themselves for a split second and it’s only preparation, anticipation and reflexes that make you get the shot.