Orest Macina

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Orest Macina says he is “a self-taught photographer interested in painting with light to capture the beauty all around us in vivid colors.” He holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Computational Chemistry, and has worked in the pharmaceutical field. He first became interested in photography in high school, though his interest lagged through college, graduate school, career, and marriage.
In 2008 his interest in photography reignited when he began taking pictures of small jewelry made by his wife Amy to help promote her business. “With the availability of the Internet,” he says, “I studied a multitude of photography websites to educate myself beyond being just an occasional weekend shooter.”

Orest works with two cameras: an Olympus SP-565UZ with a 4.6-92mm f/2.8-4.5 lens and an Olympus FE-370 “point-and-shoot” compact that he carries everywhere. He chose the cameras because each focuses down to an inch, perfect for his close-up work. He works with Adobe’s Photoshop Elements, which he says is very useful, although he does a minimum of post-processing.

Orest began in earnest to photograph his wife’s jewelry and learned a lot through trial and error. He says, “I also learned to see details within the world around me, and the beauty within everyday things. I became more sensitive to forms, patterns, shades, colors, and textures that I might have otherwise ignored. Spending more time in photography, I was hooked on the creative process, and was encouraged by positive comments about my growing collection of images. I established a website through RedBubble to showcase my work.”