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i am tmophoto, a visual artist living in aspen colorado
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I am primarily a photographer.  I shoot video, stills and time-lapse.  I am also available for consulting and personal instruction in photography, digital processing. retouching and photo tours/workshops.  My website where all of my images are available for sale (both fine art prints and licensing)

I am an expert photo retoucher and in image composites.  I have done celebrity retouching for the past 8 years. If you are in need of any retouching or compositing work please contact me.  Some of the more recent images that i worked on can be found here

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I am also an avid tinkerer with machines, robots and future technology.  I build most of my own photo gear (time-lapse equipment, pinholes and 4×5 camera), have some 3d printers that have self replicated a few times now and a woefully underutilized cnc router that i just cant wrap my brain around yet.

I am currently working on a time-lapse reel from footage shot between 2006 and now.  its been a few years since i worked with moving pictures, it should be fun to edit all this stuff for the first time.

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i am ten ninjas
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    owner, 1996 – сейчас
  • Lynn Goldsmith
    studiomanager, 2003 – 2012
  • US Snowboard team
    Alpine member, 1997 – 1999
  • UofU
    Photography, 1994 – 1999
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  • aspen colorado
  • salt lake city