Bruno Quinquet

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Bruno Quinquet had worked as a recording engineer in France for twenty years until in 2006 he visited Japan. He has been there ever since.His decision to live in Tokyo was coupled with his intention to become a photographer and once settled in his chosen city he enrolled in a two year course at Tokyo Visual Art, graduating in 2009. He has promised himself that he will stay in Japan for as long as he still has something to say about it photographically.”The Salaryman Project”, Bruno’s three year study of the Japanese office worker has been life changing for its author. Originally conceived as a shorter assignment, in which he planned to capture the salaryman through a single year, the work has become an obsession for Bruno. The project enables him to discover the city and to explore how a photographer can operate on the street in a society where increasingly public photography is under threat from privacy laws.Bruno’s entry into the world of contemporary photography has been quickly recognised with group and solo exhibitions. His work will appear in the forthcoming “Street Photography Now” book published by Thames and Hudson due out in September 2010 and was included in the Noorderlicht Festival catalogue, Aurora Borealis – “The Pursuit of Happiness” in 2009.In 2008 he was selected for the Voies Off Photo Festival, 2008 and “The Salaryman Project” has been exhibited at The Visual Arts Gallery, Tokyo and the FuijiFilm Photo Salon, Tokyo in 2009. Future shows include a group exhibition at the Goethe Institute, Bangkok in 2011.

Bruno lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.