Shahadat Hossain*

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Shahadat’s journey started as a freelance photographer. He is from Bangladesh & born in Bangladesh . As a self taught individual & a humanist he has been working since 2005. He philosophizes his experience in such a way “Everyday I meet many people on my way & try to put their story forefront to represent my surroundings & belongings. I think photography is an ideal way to know & represent peoples lifestyles. It’s an enlarged window to look at life . So what i tries to do with my little camera to show what I capture on my way of life.”

Working with other medium of art as films & writings stories. Shahadat always like to documents the lives of many categories in society. To me, practicing art is learning life to live within & beyond. My aim is to recreate the magic of daily lives around & to preach the message of life from nowhere to somewhere. The atmosphere, color, rhythm, environment & music exists around mostly inspires him get going with work.

Shahadat made two documentary films & already worked with many international film companies such Lotus films, Mortal coal media etc & his works acclaimed international reorganization.

Bonded Labor…