Peter Paul

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Photographer Peter Paul discovered his love of landscapes during childhood trips to nature’s grandest inspirations: The Sierra Nevada, Big Sur, the Redwood Forests and the Pacific Coast Highway. Wanting to capture these larger-than-life places, and the wonder of his first experiences in them, Peter began taking snapshots after receiving his first camera at age 9.Upon completing his studies at the New England School of Photography, Peter moved back to Southern California to turn his pastime into a career. In between the demands of commercial work, he took every opportunity to return to the spectacular settings of his childhood, armed with more skills and sometimes only a couple dozen sheets of 4×5 film.Honing his talents further, Peter began studying the art of pre-visualizing photographs with a former assistant of Ansel Adams, who helped Peter appreciate the incredible potential of black and white. Lately, he has also been experimenting with digital photography as a result of his work with the Sierra Club.Beyond sharing these unforgettable places with others, Peter hopes his work can help preserve, educate and inspire others about the beauty and impermanence of our natural resources.