Balaji Maheshwar

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Today’s travel-related feature comes from India, specifically from Balaji Maheshwar photography, or chhaayaachitram. That last long word right there is ‘photography’ in Sanskrit, since Maheshwar, born on October 30, 1987, is from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The very young photographer obviously has an eye for capturing the very essence of the country he lives in, with its rich and its very poor, its dances and tragedies, its children and elderly—be they photographed in full, vibrant color, or in black and white. He is both a self-taught photographer, as well as a software engineer, who believes that “creativity rules and what better way can there be than to capture art through a photograph!” He is influenced by photographers such as Steve McCurry, L.J. Ayashok, and Rohit Sabu and also guides his work by the words of Steve McCurry: “If you want to be a photographer, first leave home and your comfort zone.”