Adrian Fisk

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Much of the work in this project exhibits the mundane nature of life: brief moments that, in our increasingly hurried society, we have little chance to observe, acknowledge and appreciate. Ultimately, it is about the subtleties behind our everyday existence.

I use a compact camera that I carry around with me everywhere I go. I find my conventional SLR cameras are too big and cumbersome to carry around each and every day. Moreover, the use of a compact camera enables me to react to and shoot a scene very quickly. The photographs are a result of what I naturally respond to: love, tenderness, isolation and anger become recurring themes.

Having grown up in the countryside of South-West England, the realities of urban living could be described as having been a cruel shock. Some of the photographs incorporate this sense of disillusionment, yet this is not the presiding theme. A prosaic walk can result in a photograph, which encapsulates humour, irony and the beauty of the banal.

These photographs are an eclectic mix of what anyone can see on the streets, they are suffused simultaneously with the negativity and positivity of life. They do not claim to make a definitive statement; they are more vignettes of today’s world.