Lynn Geesaman – Hazy Lights and Shadows

17.10.2012 in22:10 in Design, Documentary, Landscapes -->

Since the invention of the camera, photographers have been drawn to European cities, capturing the surrounding landscape. Whether focusing on the sculpted bushes in Versailles, the perfectly aligned trees in Damme, Belgium or the luscious vegetation of Giverny, artists continue to travel to Europe, capturing the details and grandness of parks and gardens that have been preserved for centuries.
American photographer Lynn Geesaman first started traveling to France and Belgium in 1987, when she realized the gardens she most sought were outside the United States. Based in Minneapolis, Geesaman learned photography when she was 33 years old in an effort to take pictures of her children. Working as a math teacher in middle school, Geesaman’s hobby quickly became a full time career, as she developed her own way of seeing and style of printing. A pivotal photographic assignment led her to photograph in a public garden, which she used to find intimidating. Although she found Minneapolis stimulating, she realized her favorite gardens/parks were from another century — places that remained untouched by human decadence or industrial intrusion.