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Creative black and white surreal photographs by MJTiccino, talented male photographer based in Philadelphia, USA. His art has always been commercial, as he have been in Advertising his entire career. MJTiccino use a camera as one vehicle and a computer as another. The process varies. Sometimes it begins and ends with the camera and other times the camera is only the first step.
Michael aka MJTiccino is an award winning Valley Forge-based image maker. He works digitally, using a camera and computer to create his pieces. Michael will tell you that sometimes the process begins and ends with the camera, and sometimes the camera is only the start. Whatever it may be, it is driven by his passion. He began shooting in Valley Forge and digitally rendering those landscapes with various textures and color to reflect a particular mood or ambiance. This spread to other local historical places like the Daniel Boone Homestead and the John James Audubon Center, the first U.S. home of the famous wildlife artist.

After years of rendering historical imagery he began to develop interests in digital fantasy and photosurrealism. Electronically clipping and pasting pieces of photography together, he assembled scenes of fantasy which quickly turned into photosurrealism. He lives in the U.S.A. just outside Philadelphia, PA, with a very supportive family including Layla, their dog. Woof!