April Maciborka

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April Maciborka photographer- frilanser.
Occupies to the documentary photos.
Her photographs tell of the lives of ordinary people.
lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Since graduating from college for Applied Photography, April has been unable to nurture her artistic motive in Toronto alone. Her devoutness for travel and capturing the essence of the world around her, are principal influences that inspire and drive her work as an artist. She uses photography as a means of self-expression that allows her to work through her assumptions, to reveal truths, facts and secrets of the world. Whether she is simply documenting what she sees or translating an idea, she uses photography to bridge her with cultures of the world. This warrants her the honour to interact with people she may otherwise have not had the privilege of exploring a commonality with or a chance in celebrating one another’s differences. For the past four years, she has traveled and lived in various countries in Southeast Asia and Africa as well as in Japan and Northern India. She has devoted her life to her passion of photography and managed to combine this with her love for travel and culture that was strengthened through volunteering in orphanages in Thailand and Tanzania. Her work has appeared in PDN, American Photo, Photolife, Color, National Geographic Online, Digital Photographer, YYZ and fundraising publications for both Fr.Ray Foundation and Forever Angels Baby Home. April has exhibited work at various venues throughout Toronto including the Toronto Art Expo, IX Gallery, and most recently her first solo show funded by the Ontario Arts Council shown at Image Works.

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