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Trëz Orb is a French artist from Paris.

“By using various tools of creation (photography, painting, sculpture, video …) I wonder about mankind. Body and mind are my fields of analysis. My work exposes my own world view and the human, as it appears to me. This is for me to find my place among this chaotic structure that I do not understand. Creation is the only way to know who I am.”

Trëz already had the chance to participating in great exhibitions (in France, United States, Belgium, Spain…) with a lot of amazing artists like HR Giger, Bruce D. Mitchell, Seth Siro Anton, Yoann Penard, Nico [Fracture//Lab], Delphyne V., Paul Toupet, Tim Roosen, Patrice “Pit” Hubert, Benoit “Benalo” Polveche, John Haley III, the Squid Lab team, Christine Polis, Autoreverse Graphikart, Dorianne Wotton, Nicolas Senegas, Virginie Ropars, David Thiérrée, and more…


Trëz «The Orbscurarium» французский художник, работающий в жанре Digital Art. В настоящее время живет в Париже. Работал с Гигером.

* –  означает, что насладиться его ангельским личиком можно в теме досье