Monte Stinnett

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I have been retired for about a three and a half years now. I worked for department of water and power as a control operator supplying the electricity you take for granted every day. I previously shot film for a long time, but was mostly taking snapshots on trips. Since I’ve been retired I am more serious; what was a hobby has turned into an obsession/addiction and there is no ten step program if you decide to quit. I predominately shoot in the greater Los Angeles area and have learned to be resourceful. You may have guessed my passion is shooting birds and the thing about birds is first you have to find them. Amazingly enough there is a wide variety of birds that you would never guess reside or migrate thru this area. Thus, where the resourcefulness comes in, Second, you need to learn their habits, meaning what type of terrain, where do they roost or what do they eat. Third, you have to shoot them where they are, you don’t have a lot of control over the lighting angle or how bright is the light or is the background nice or ugly. You can try to position yourself where the light and background is advantageous, but more often than not, you don’t have that option. Fourth you have to practice, practice, and more practice on quick draw, panning and just being alert so you don’t miss the shot. I’ve missed so many shots because I wasn’t ‘keeping my eye on the ball’ so to speak. I just meant to write a couple of lines, but that’s how it is with obsessions.