Nora Ness*

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Recently, erotic photo artist

, who takes only erotic self portraits in front of the mirror, has initiated a fruitful co-operation with dutch photographer and artist VISUALCLASH. In this co-operation the artists are creating very extraordinary and sensual erotic art works, some of them can already be see at Artmajeur. Soon, their own will start where art dealers and art collectors can see more of this very special work which combines the erotic fantasies and visions of both artists in a very attractive way. Nora NESS, who is already called the female Helmut Newton, because of her unconventional erotic work, is very pleased that she found such an talented artist like VISUALCLASH, who is not only very professional but also very successful. The combined erotic art work is going to move boundaries of conventional erotic art. Especially the combination of the sometimes very provoking self portraits of Nora Ness and the dark visions of Visualclash give their work something totally new, which haven’t be seen so far.