Ed Peters*

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After completing an M.A. in political economy , at The New School For Social Research , I became interested in photography . At first I worked as a freelance photographer , before joining the staff of  The Star Ledger in Newark , New Jersey . After working for two years at the newspaper ,  I resigned  and relocated to Asia . While living there I photographed the plight of Burmese refugees , and the pro democracy movement in Nepal . When I returned to the United States I joined the photo agency ,  Impact Visuals . As a member of the agency I photographed a wide variety of stories . These include the famine in Somalia , war in the former Yugoslavia , traditional wrestling in India , and the continuing AIDS crisis . During those years my work appeared in many publications , and I was the recipient of a New Jersey State Council On The Arts fellowship . My efforts now focus on my personal work , with an emphasis on street photography .