Craig Tuffin* – As Faulty As We Are

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Craig began his immersion into the professional photographic world in 2003 and by the end of that year had his first solo exhibition in Australia. Since then Craig has had five solo and numerous joint exhibitions. 2005 and beyond saw Craig as a finalist in National competitions such as the Olive Cotton Award, Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize and winning others such as the Premiers Multicultural Photographic Awards (Peoples Choice).

Commercially, Craig has worked for the Gold Coast Titans and numerous publications such as ‘Australian Surfing Life’, ‘Surfing World’, ‘Rugby League Week’, ‘Compassion Magazine’, ‘The Daily Telegraph’ as well as travelling extensively as a photojournalist where he often volunteered his time and photographic skills. He has worked alongside organizations such as  ‘Waves of Hope’ in Samoa and orphanages in Sri Lanka and Thailand to deliver aide to disaster affected areas and communities in need.

After a serious head injury in 2006 that should have taken his life or, at the very least, sent him blind, Craig had an epiphany about his work and the direction it should go. Craig soon left the commercial photographic world and refocused on his art, specifically working in a historic medium known as ‘Wet Plate Collodion’.

This unique process was published in 1851 by Fredrick Scott Archer and produces an image on glass, tin, aluminium or plexiglass that has a timeless quality all of its own. The method is both challenging and extremely rewarding, as the final image is as creative as the photographer and chemistry allow. Exposures are often quite long due to the lower sensitivity of the medium while the chemistry used is difficult and expensive to source.