Tobias Regell

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Tobias Regell has a gift for capturing the essence, the sole of his models, and the simple beauty of the moment. His photography is steeped in just that, the beauty of everyday reality, whether he shoots professional models or street people around the world. There is an honesty in his images that come from both ends of the camera. His pictures convey a certain warm feeling of ease and grace that is very immediate to the viewer. There is a power of belief in humanity that shines through his work. Besides his own ambitious projects with documentary portraits, his advertising clients include H&M, Marc O’Polo, Nokia, Bentley Motors, SAS, Volvo, Sonera and Saab. Editorially, he shoots for Acne Paper, Glamour and Cosmopolitan. In 2006, Tobias Regell staged a celebrated exhibition with pictures from his extensive travels around the world at the East restaurant in Stockholm.