Thomas Cristofoletti

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Thomas Cristofoletti is a talented Italian freelance photographer & videographer currently living and working in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

4 octuber 2010, I left Europe for almost 6 months and started an adventure in South East Asia in company of my friend Daniele.

164 days, 7 countries, 5 visas (and at least 10 pages less in our passports!!), 9000km covered by buses – sleeping buses – mini buses – local buses – taxies – cars – jeeps – pick ups – tuk tuks – motos – tricycles – bycicles, 16 flights (a total of almost 42.000km), a dozen of boats, a three dozen of buckets, 1 full moon party, 1 shark encounter, 2 dengue fever, 1 tsunami alert, 1 dead snake, 15 cans of insect repellent, 1,5 Tb of material produced, 23 body massages, 0 happy ending, at least 18 jumps, 1 wedding, 1 Muay Thai match….a houndreds of Red Horse, BeerLao, Leo, Tiger, Singha, Chang, Angkor, Anchor, Saigon, 333, San Miguel, Laure Beer, Hanoi Beer…

In Asia…