Silvia Georgieva

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I was born in 1976 in Sofia, Bulgaria where I live until now.The moment that changed my perceptions of the world and opened my senses to the surrounding realm was the moment of giving birth to my daughter in 2009. I don’t try to rationalize the fact that my passion to photography was born together with my girl, but the love I felt provoked and sharpened my whole existence. That is how it all started – no one else could see my daughter the way I did. So beautiful she was.

For those four years up to the moment photography is my way to enjoy the world, to share the beauty and to love and feel loved. It’s my manner to feel an artist next to being a lawyer all day long. My imagination is drawn by every detail I see or feel, my passion for life is enhanced with each captured moment and I shoot just everything.

Recently I experiment working with different films in square format. I inherited unique Rolleiflex, produced in the 40s. Great camera!

So thank you all for your attention and thank to those who are criticizing me, helping me to become better and broaden my horizons.