Sebastian Luczywo

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Photography is my life and my passion.
It lets me get to know myself. What I make, the photos that I create, teach me about myself and gently describe who I am.Sometimes I preserve people’s manners, their faces and sometimes the faces of Mother Nature I happen to wake up with during my early morning searches.

I always carry my camera with me in order to take a shot of what I find interesting and worth remembering. However, it’s been only a year since I started creating the photographs that I do now. It’s not a long time but, in fact, I think, time does not matter if you involve your body and mind and a lot of technical effort into your work. What surprises me, though, and gives me great satisfaction is the adrenaline, excitement and deep emotions I am provided with while taking photos. They are a huge dose of energy making me want to create more and to live fully.
My senses have seemed to look at the world through a lens for a long time. I do not mind it at all, on the contrary – it gives me a lot of joy especially that I am passionately interested in travelling when I make the world come to a stanstill by means of the tool with which I zoom in and out the realms of reality.
I am kind of a nomad; it’s not easy for me to stay for long in one place, due to which taking good care of what I do is more exciting and easier, though not easy at all, as the passion for photography in closely connected with ups and downs, with pleasure and pain, with going up and falling down with a bang…
I am in favour of being interested in the world, searching new things, reaching for something you haven’t experienced so far. That is why I do my best to make my portfolio rich and diverse, not monotonous at all, as monotony attracts neither me nor my receipients I creat my works for.
My photographs are influenced by my memories and feelings deriving from the events that take place here and now, but sometimes they are also connected with the future which, whether or not we want it, outlines things in our minds.