Dave Engledow

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You might remember photographer Jason Lee’s creative portraits of his daughters that put them in humorous situations. There’s something really sweet about a father’s point of view of his little girl that is both heartwarming and adorable. In a similar fashion, photographer Dave Engledow captures inventive photos of his little angel, except he’s featured in the portraits as well. With his “World’s Best Father” mug in tow, the DC-based dad can be seen spending some quality time with his daughter while being hilariously reckless.
Engledow says, “Since the birth of our daughter Alice Bee in December 2010, the majority of my inspiration has stemmed from creatively documenting the first moments of her life in our family.” Those moments appear to be ones in which the tiny tot is vacuuming the floor as dad sips his mug of coffee (perhaps including a little something extra with a kick to it) from the comfort of his seat on the couch and sitting in a jack-o’-lantern as her father haphazardly digs his knife into the pumpkin.
The ongoing photo series, aptly dubbed World’s Best Father, continues to churn out new images of the father-daughter duo in comical scenes that showcase the “dazed, sleep-deprived, oblivious” new father and “clueless dad” on Facebook. Engledow also has a Kickstarter campaign for a World’s Best Father calendar that was fully funded within the first day.

World’s Best Father…