Eric Staller

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Light artist Eric Staller could be called the father of light painting in its present day form. Staller was born in 1947 in New York. He studied architecture at the University of Michigan and graduated with a bachelors degree in 1971. Towards the end of his time at UOM Eric started to create sculpture and pieces of performance art.
From 1976 to 1980 Staller roamed the dark streets of New York City creating light painting photographs. Eric’s Light Drawing series could be the very first Light Art Performance Photographs ever created. It could be argued that Man Ray’s “Space Writing” series were the first light art performance pieces but there is no doubt that Staller’s images such as Light Tubes, Happy Street, and Technicolor Torsos all envoke elements of performance art. In the late 1970’s staller set up his camera, open the shutter, and moved throughout the frame creating some amazing light painting photographs. Eric’s Light Drawings series is one of the most influential series on light painters today.