Jeremy Goldberg

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Jeremy Goldberg is made of snakes, snails and puppy dog tails. Which is strange, because he only eats dark chocolate (70%-85%) and overpriced impulse buys from Whole Foods.

Jeremy’s high school internship in ocean surveillance has come in handy in the world of celebrity photography. His parents are proud of him – although if you see them, please say that he’s a doctor or a lawyer. It’s just a game they play with each other…really.

Jeremy studied Japanese in college and read too many haiku about the impermanence of the world. He is now using photography to capture personalities and moments…and prove all those smug Japanese poets wrong.

His clients have included everyone from the Foo Fighters to the Four Seasons. He has shot Gwen Stefani in her clothing line, Justin Timberlake in his clothing line, and James Iha in his clothing line.

Jeremy splits his time between Los Angeles, Manhattan and Tokyo…but secretly he wants his own clothing line.