Jean Larivière

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After studying at Beaux Art, Jean Lariviere initially undertook an artistic research into mixing the forms of photography, painting and animation (- Never, Always -), supported by his friend, the surrealist painter Matta, before turning to cinema, and then advertising photography, at the start of the 1970′s.

He soon became renowned for the imagination implicit in his photography, with brands seeking his service to identify with the imagination of his work.

In the search of an artistic and significant interpretation of his universe, Louis Vuitton in 1978 started a collaboration with Jean Lariviere, in a campaign which would take him around the world – from Greenland to Tibet and from New York to Yemen.

Parallel to this campaign, he collaborated regularly with Vogue, Jardins des Modes, Egoiste, Citizen K, Actuel, Elle, Marie-Claire, Cosmo…for fashion.

Reportage also takes place in his work: on pollution in Czechoslovakia for Current, on the baths of Budapest for Glamour., a report on the fabulous site of old temples in Pagan, Burma for Inheritance 2001, under the commission of UNESCO.

“When I look at my work, I divide it into three periods: visual arts in the 1960′s and 1970′s, the “photography” which I carried out between 1972 to 2004 (mode, publicity, reportage and portrait); and the work which I complete today and for the years to come. This work is a prolongation of my initial exploration of the visual arts.”