Elia Locardi*

25.09.2012 in17:46 in Art, Landscapes -->


Once upon a time, under a cold and moonless sky, showers of green and red light danced all around us, illuminating our souls and bringing joy to our rapidly beating hearts. All sense of time and place seemed to disappear, as we watched the Auroras in awe, all alone in the clear and silent stillness of the Icelandic Countryside…

Spending the day on The Snaefellsnes Peninsula, I had a feeling that the weather conditions might be perfect for The Northern Lights, and by 9:30pm, we could see a strong green glow all around the horizon. After a quick drive in Truck Norris, we were in the perfect place.

The Auroras danced in the distance and began to peaked around 11pm when we found ourselves right in the center of the activity. No longer were we watching them on the horizon. Now the lights were falling right over our heads—swirling, spinning, and cascading all around us.

For nearly 3 hours we watched in awe as I photographed this magnificent and life changing event. When I was all finished it only felt like 15 minutes had passed. I will be forever humbled by the beauty of our amazing planet.