Osma Harvilahti

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Born in Helsinki, Osma Harvilahti was surrounded by different forms of art and photography from a very young age; “my photography mother always had a continuous family photo shoot going on”, he explains. Increasingly fascinated and obsessed with this artistic medium, the amount of school lectures he missed also increased as he found himself in the library reading the sociologist theories of photography by Pierre Bourdieu. “Every photographer should read his work.” It is therefore surprising to learn that Harvilahti is soon graduating in Sociology and Media at the University of Helsinki – what with the huge body of extraordinary body of work he has created over the past years it is crazy to think that there would be any time left to study…

Shooting mainly on 35mm film, Harvilahti’s images have a deep, ethereal quality to them. Surreal and sublime, they take you to a delicate, dreamlike world full of fantasy and fiction. Often using natural light and surroundings there is the most beautiful raw and organic feel to his images that make you feel as if you are there in the moment. Here we speak to Harvilahti about dreams, Moonmilk and photographing nudes in Space.