Irene Suchocki

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Irene Suchocki is the fine art photographer behind Eye Poetry (formerly known as isphotography). Irene dreamed for a long time of living in Paris. She left Toronto in 2001 and got as far as Montreal, Quebec, where she sometimes gets up the courage to speak French.

Combining her love of travel with her dream-like aesthetic, Irene creates visual poems that evoke a sense of magic, delight, nostalgia and romance. Her series of photographs of Paris, New York, and Italy show these iconic places in a unique way, giving the viewer the sense of having tumbled through a secret doorway into a previously unseen world. When she is not traveling, she turns her eye and her camera to nature for inspiration and for subject matter, with a particular fondness for trees and coastal landscapes. In the spring of 2011, she traveled to the south of France to photograph the wild horses of The Camargue, creating a series that celebrates both the gentle nature and the graceful power of these beautiful creatures.

Irene is currently the top-selling photographer on Etsy, the world’s biggest online handmade marketplace. Her work is in thousands of private collections around the world and has been featured on television in shows such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Nate Berkus show, and The Steven and Chris Show. It has also appeared on film sets, design blogs, and in group and solo gallery shows including the Gen Art Exhibition at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and the Best of Nature Exhibition at the San Diego Natural History Museum in 2012. A selection of her photographs is on sale at Impact Galerie at 209 Rue Saint Paul West in Old Montreal.