Soldiers and Warriors Photography Showcase

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Unfortunately, for many centuries humanity has failed to say “farewell to arms”. Moreover, with new wars regularly breaking out here and there for some often vague reasons it does not even look like people have ever tried to stop weapon production and society militarization. We are publishing this photography showcase, featuring soldiers and warriors, just to reveal, at least a little, the true face of war and draw your attention to that tremendous pain and tragedy, clearly expressed in the eyes of those, who fight on the battlefields and who know the smell of death from their own experience.

One of the aims of art is to depict human emotions and feelings, both positive and negative. At war, perhaps as nowhere else, the intensity and depth of people’s emotions reach their culmination. Looking into the eyes of these soldiers on the photographs, you can read a lot about life and its true values. This becomes especially obvious and distinct at the pictures of older warriors, whose faces are not covered by the bullet-proof helmets or sunglasses. Whether it is a regular army soldier, a partisan, or a tribal warrior – everyone’s eyes are filled with the whole range of emotions from fear and disgust to pridevigor, and urge for victory. This makes soldiers and warriors photography extremely powerful means of influencing the audience, which is capable of arousing some blunted or deeply hidden emotions and making people think about and reconsider some historical events as well as their personal attitude to life and common human values, such as peacefriendshipfamilylove, etc…