Viona Ielegems*

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Viona Ielegems was born February 5, 1982 – Belgian photographer and costume designer whose work takes its inspiration from the Mediaeval, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and Victorian periods. Drawing on myth, legend and fairytale and incorporating elaborate, elegant costume

and authentic, atmospheric backdrops, Viona creates fantastical scenes and entire worlds of fantasy that also evoke the ambience of the historical periods that have captured her imagination and find expression in her costume design as much as in the staging of her photography.

Viona is a passionate portraitist of the powerful female, whether based in historical context or in the fantasy scenes she creates, and corsets often feature as an item worn by her women. Corsets, in fact, are a specialty item that Viona designs and markets herself.

With husband and project manager Dirk Standaert she also stages historically inspired events; their Gala Nocturna nights in particular, staged in castles, manor houses and other historic venues, are known for their opulence and draw large international attendances.