Gorazd Golob

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Of course everything is a consequence of a midlife crisis, which makes you want to be an adventurer. That’s partly true but there is much more. I’ve always liked to travel although sometimes only in thoughts and dreams. When it was possible, I transformed the travels in my head into the real ones. I started in Europe and continued with other continents in the new millennium. I have never been really “guidable,” and most of all I didn’t like “well-intentioned” advice: “You have to see this, you have to go there” ? usually from those who have heard that from others. Therefore, I really prefer to travel to remote destinations, far away from crowded streets and the modern western lifestyle and the consumer society.
“All inclusive” means for me freedom, nature, peace, animals, good company and ? well ? I really don’t mind good food and drink. And the view of the bright night sky with stars and constellations, without any visual or noise pollution. But where can you find something like that? In deserts, jungles, mountains … There are many places like that but you can’t find it in the city. I don’t mind cities but I want more for my pleasure.
That’s Why I’ve Decided for TRAVEL and PHOTOGRAPHY.
And about fotography. I started to take more serious interest in photography as a teenager and then on the travels with my wife Sanja (that’s more than 20 years ago) and after my children Masa and Andraz were born. That was a period when I dedicated some time to children’s photography (the photography of my children, of course) but later on I didn’t spent much time on my camera but that changed with my first visit to South Africa ? it was a new beginning. I got addicted to the animals and the landscape. Every year I visit some locations where I can take photos of different animals and foremost the birds. My plan or my wish is to discover a new continent every year and at least once more Africa to sustain the continuity. With the organization of photo tours I can share my experience with others in the familiar locations, make more trips and enjoy them.