Patrick Krolis

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My name is Patrick Krolis. I started photographing in Suriname in 1978, during my college years. My arts teacher accepted my proposal to photograph for class rather than drawing building perspectives.


After buildings came nature. Black and White analog photography. Having spend hours in the darkroom I know how to appreciate the advent of digital photography. I now exclusively shoot digital.


During my university years in the 80′s in Brazil, I moved from nature and building subjects to capture poverty. Ultimately depressing this led to a long pause in my photographic activities.


In 2002 I started experimenting with digital photography and since 2005 I have entered a new phase and shoot beauty.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, pls comment on my pictures.



Age and birthday

48 years old, born on November 11

Lives in

Paramaribo, Suriname

Member since

April 24, 2007

Languages I speak

Dutch, English, Portuguese, Surinamese


Photography, Cooking

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