Aldo Palazzolo* – Portraits and Nudes

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Aldo Palazzolo, self-taught Sicilian photographer begins researching the link between mime and photography circa 1975 while working freelance at J. Lecoq’s school of mime, Paris. The results of this study are then shown in an exhibit entitled: ‘Mime and photography as a non verbal language’.
Palazzolo’s travel instinct then lead him to perform a journey over many years to the world’s most important museums, eventually giving birth to the exhibit ‘Fragments of Marble’, an inquiry into the erotic gesture of ancient and modern sculpture. The use of natural light, the rediscovery of a gesture and a new interpretation of these works give rise to images of a rare beauty exalting the plasticity and carnality of marble . A refined and punctual black and white print add fascination and ambiguity to a material which in appearance seems cold and distant.