Hiroshi Nonami

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Hiroshi Nonami is a Japanese photographer born in 1954 in Matsue City in the Shimane Prefecture of Japan. In 1974 he graduated from the Osaka Photography Academy and in 1979 he founded Studio No-ah. Hiroshi has published seven books thus far: Abyss in 1993 and again in 2000, a self-titled photo book of the musical group Luna Sea (1995), Eureka (1995), Chaos (1997), a self-titled photography book of actress Makiko Esumi (1999), and Mousa (2005). His book Hiroshi Nonami Portfolio 1989-2007 has 75 works selected by the artist himself from across a period of almost 20 years. He has also published two photographic anthologies entitled Aphrodisiac and Euphoric. According to Editions Treville Book List 2009 these two books are a “metamorphosis of twins that were born in the monograph Nonami published under the title of Eureka… he succeeded in achieving a challenging and sensual point of view and a bold confrontation with women that was never before present in his works”. His photographs have been exhibited all over Japan, Europe and the United States.