Alexander Khokhlov

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Born on the last day of the year, so the first hours of my life were filled with happiness, laughter, fireworks and champagne! Those first hours made such an impression, that ever since I try to make every day like it is the last day of the year, and the next day the first of a new year!

I spend my college years studying architecture, urban planning, design and art. All those fields of work have one thing in common: They are all about having an idea, a vision, a concept and visualizing it.
Nothing gives you more satisfaction than creating something, something real, something you can touch, look at, feel, smell, hear or taste, something that makes you think, wonder or that inspires you.

All great products start of with a vision, a concept, an idea, a strategy. And I strongly believe that everybody contributes to greatness. Every architect needs a builder. I’m at my best at the birth of an idea, developing an all-round well thought out strategy, before it’s being realized. I love the smell of a new challenge, problems that need a creative solution, or helping people think on how to make their product better.

Black & White Faces….