Lynne Collins

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Lynne Collins began her career as a sculptor and painter and for twenty years worked in the film and television industry as an artist and model maker. She went on to make short art films and then began to explore the medium of still photography. Lynne is a self taught photographic artist.

It is her own working experience of the film industry, combined with child hood memories when film sets were her playground (Lynne’s parents were also in the film industry) that Lynne draws upon when making her images.

Often chosing abandoned Victorian asylum buildings as her backdrop, Lynne creates montages, often in complete contrast with her found location, to make a new narrative.

In her series “On The Edge of Perception” Lynne brings together two images, one of a woodland, the other an abandoned asylum offering the possibility for nature to rejuvenat,e in the long term, such forgotten places. This series was created by an urge to take people to environments that exist only in Lynne’s mind.

Derelict decaying mental institutions and industrial buildings are transformed into places of surreal beauty with carefully chosen, topographically fitting, woodland images, shot at the same time of day with the same natural light conditions.
The images are meant to confuse. Lynne has a message and questions our impartiality with our natural environment. Her intention is to suggest the need for all human life to nurture nature and learn that to cohabit rather than eliminate could be benifial to all.

In her series “The Trespasser” she has returned to the discarded spaces of derelict buildings and taking inspiration from the seventeenth century Dutch masters has overlaid these bleak interiors with sumptuous still life’s of wine and food, which are also abandoned. By bringing these two scenes together Lynne is seeking to offer a commentary on modern life as one of over-consumption and decadent wastefulness.
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Several of Lynne’s Trespasser images can be purchased from Troika Editions an online gallery which showcases exciting and beautiful work by photographers with a pedigree.