Ellen Jantzen

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Ellen Jantzen was born in St. Louis, Missouri and completed her education at the Fashion Institiute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles in 1992. She worked for a number of years at Mattel Toy Company as a senior project designer and was exposed to Photoshop and advanced digital technology ahead of the curve. The combination of her desire to explore the world through photography, and her exposure to a broad range of technical options allows Ellen to create works that bridge the world of prints, photography and collage.

I am intrigued with parallel universes, space/time warps and other manifestations of altered, alternative realities. I am intrigued with the exterior/visible aspects of reality and how it manifests the interior, the hidden/unknown realm. In each of my series, I begin by taking a digital photograph of a staged assemblage of a variety of objects, either man-made or of a natural nature; the set-ups are essentially ephemeral “sculptures”. I then alter the images using various drawing and photography software programs until I’ve achieved my particular goal with the piece under development. Each series contains it’s own set of criteria; I’ve included a statement for each on the image pages.